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Yaoi-Con 2008!!

Well, Yaoi-con has come and gone. ;_; I got back from San Francisco late last night, so I've been working on uploading my pics and stuff. ^_^ If you want to see my Yaoi-con pics, check out my Photobucket album here: Some of them got out of order because I had to flip some around but... oh well. ^_^;;

Anyway!! On to the events that transpired at Yaoi-con!! ^_^

Thursday September 25th

I arrived in San Francisco at about 7:15ish. It was hell trying to figure out where the heck the shuttle from the hotel was going to pick me up. There wasn't much for signage as to where I needed to go, and when I did find the place to be picked up, it felt like it was in airport no-man's land. >_< Luckily, a guy named Rod (I'm pretty sure it was Rod! It could have been Ron too... arrgh!) also showed up and we waited for the shuttle together... and waited... and waited... We decided to wait until 8:30pm, but alas, no shuttle. I had probably JUST missed the last one. >_< Oh well. We ended up splitting a cab to the hotel. ($45 dollars for a cab ride?! What a rip!! O_o) Unfortunately, I never saw him during the actual con, he was a nice guy. ^_^ At the hotel, I checked into my nice little suite and pretty much retired for the night. ^_^;;

Friday September 26th

Fridays for Yaoi-con don't really have a whole lot happening, I found out. There's not much for events and the dealer's room isn't open. I spent a lot of that day messing around online. Getting internet access costs almost $10 a day, but it was worth it to me. ^_^;; I went and got my badge and wristband and wandered around a bit. They had a swap meet type thing where people could sell their used doujinshi, manga, DVD's and such for a few hours. So, I checked it out, browsing through what everyone had to offer. Some Gyakuten Saiban doujins caught my eye, and I looked at them. As soon as I did, someone said, "crouton!" (Which is what was on my badge.) There were 3 people running that particular booth, one of them being bludhavens of the infamous PW Kink Meme. I was so excited. XD I was just surprised that people recognized me, since I'm not very vocal/noticed/whatever in some of the GS LJ communities. ^_^;; (Honestly, I don't use LJ at all.) I'm pretty sure that the other two were also on Court-Records. I forgot their names, though!! ^_^;; I'm a bad person. ;_; They were all going to be at the PW panel on Saturday, so I was sure to be there. ^_^

Anyway, after the Swap Meet, they had the official Yaoi-con opening ceremonies a little bit later. It was a sort of typical con-opening type thing, nothing too special. Right after that, they were going to have a charity auction, which I didn't check out. I dunno, I wasn't really interested. ^_^;; After that though, they had "Bishounen Bingo." I was curious about that, so I went to see what it was all about. Basically, it's Bingo, but with a twist. The con has their own "Bishies" that hang out on stage, go sell people Bingo tickets, etc. Once everyone's ready, you play like regular Bingo. Whoever gets Bingo, goes up to the stage and picks a name out of a box. (The Bishies names' are in the box.) That bishie comes up and you have the choice of stripping a piece of clothing off of them either: 1) Yourself, 2) Picking a friend to do it, 3) Having another bishie do it. Needless to say, this would lead to TONS of fanservice where boys would be stripping clothing off of other boys, pretending to get it on with each other, bumping and grinding, even whipping... So yeah... very interesting indeed. XD I stayed and watched for like an hour and a half. Very nice. XD After that, I went back to the room.

Saturday September 27th

This was a day with a lot of excitement and events!! ^_^ I dressed up in my Miles Edgeworth cosplay, silver briefcase and all. XD I went out to the con at like 10am or so. It was funny, when I was in my cosplay and I got in the elevator to go downstairs, the first thing I thought was how wrong it was for me to be in the elevator. XD The dealer's room opened at 9am, but I knew that it would be crazy, so I decided to wait a little bit. I saw one of my friends from y!Gallery, she was selling all sorts of keychains and other little goodies, as well as prints and art. I bought a cute Miles & Phoenix bag as well as keychain from her. ^_^ And then I saw... the doujinshi section. Oh my god. O_o It was crazy and there were SO many people there, but I didn't care. I found the Gyakuten Saiban section and went nuts. ^_^;; Almost everything that had Phoenix X Miles, I bought. I ended up spending almost $500, just in doujin. O_o Yeah. ^_^;; The line to check out was huge, and all that doujin was really heavy. ^_^;; Once I got what I wanted, I went back to my room just to lighten the load. Heh. After I dropped them off, I went back and checked out the other part of the dealer's room. I bought some DVD's, as well as a couple of artbooks and a couple of Japanese manga. I stuck those in my briefcase, since they weren't nearly as heavy. ^_^;; After that, I checked out the art room, and the video room as well. They were showing the Antique Bakery anime, so I watched that for a little bit. It was almost 12pm, though, almost time for the Phoenix Wright panel! ^_^

I went to the panel room and found a seat. Surprisingly, a lot of people showed up. And for some reason, we had like 5 Edgeworths in there, including myself. XD It was fun though, we talked about all sorts of things Gyakuten Saiban related. I can't remember all exactly what we talked about, we would just kind of flit around from topic to topic. Stuff like Edgeworth's game, the PW Takarazuka musical, GS5, things like that. One thing that was awesome about the panel was that they had gotten these colored drawings of PW characters as animals, and were raffling them off. And I won one! :D I got an Edgeworth bunny, it's so cute! I was so happy. ^_^ After the actual panel, we took a bunch of pictures at the end of everyone in their cosplays. ^_^ After that, everyone sort of split up, and I got into the line to get tickets for the main events that were happening that evening. Some of the PW gang showed up and saw me in line, so I helped them get in the line with me. ^_^ I especially had fun talking to mykaa (who ran the PW panel.) and ryshili. You make an awesome Manfred von Karma, ryshili!! We were able to get tickets/stickers for all of the events, so it was all good. ^_^ After waiting in line, I went and got food with mykaa before the events were going to start.

After eating, we went to the AMV contest, which was cool. I love AMV's, so it was fun to check them out. A lot of them were really good! After that, we went to hang out for a little bit, and then went to the cosplay. I think it started kind of early, so we missed the Apollo Justice skit, which kind of sucked. >_< The cosplay wasn't really that exciting to me for some reason, but we had fun at it. ^_^ And the AJ group actually won a prize, so that was good!! Yay! ^_^

After that was the main event, the Bishounen Auction. We were going to go line up with ryshili and the others, but first had to run upstairs. I was pretending that I didn't want to go in the elevator. XD Once we got up there, we could see them in the courtyard. So, I started waving and ended up getting von Karma mad at me. XD It was fun to yell "Obejction!" from the courtyard window, though. And I think people got a kick out of our little act. ^_^ It's SO much fun to be in-character! Hehe. Once we finally got back downstairs, we entertained ourselves in line for the long wait. The Bishounen Auction was definitely interesting. It's basically a meat market. XD You can bid on the bishies and have a date with them for 2 hours. But, once you bid on (and win!) a bishie, you can make them go up to the front and perform fanservice with the other bishie that's on stage for sale. XD And, you can also go up and tip the bishie that's up there to get a hug, a grope... some people were even getting full-on kisses. O_o It was crazy. Usually before the bishie is "up on the block" they would perform something, or say something or just... well... do something. Heh. ^_^;; Some people would dance, sing, etc... some people would even get whipped by another bishie. O_o The very first one up was pretending to be Satan/Lucifer (He had devil horns on his head. Heh.) and he was saying where all certain offenders would go in hell. He mentioned something about Lawyers in hell, so of course ryshili and I, cosplaying as lawyers, had to stand up and say "Objection!" XD We got some laughs and some people took pictures of us. It was awesome. ^_^ The whole Bishounen Auction was pretty... well, interesting for sure. XD The little performances were funny, as well as the gratuitous fan-service. XD No wonder my husband has been calling Yaoi-con, "Perv-con." But, I loved it!! XD After the auction was over, I went back to my room for the night. ^_^

Sunday September 28th

The last day of the con. ;_; Waaaaaah!! There wasn't as much going on that day, since it was the last day. I reprised my role as Miles Edgeworth, since there was going to be an Ace Attorney meet-up at 12pm. Went to the dealer's room again and I bought some kitty ears. So, I put them on my head and became cat-ear Edgeworth. Nyao! =^_^= I went to the photo session/meet-up and hung out for about an hour with the AA cosplayers. ^_^ Not as many people were there as I thought would be, I think a lot of people had to leave that day. We still had fun though, goofing off and such. Gant and von Karma went swimming, which was awesome. XD I took a ton of random pictures. Heh. ^_^;; After the meet-up, I went to a panel called "Foods corrupted by Yaoi." Basically, we just talked about what foods have been used sexually in fics/games/anime. XD That was interesting. I went back to my room to hang out for an hour, and then I went to a panel called "Yaoi positions." People were re-enacting different sexual positions found in Yaoi. XD Haha. It was awesome though, since even some of the Bishies came in and re-enacted some positions as well. mykaa found me in there, so we were able to get back together and hang out. We got in line for the closing ceremonies, and went to that. They had all sorts of raffles for prizes, and gave out the awards for the AMV contest. mykaa won an award for her video, in the Romance category. Yay!! ^_^ They also had what was called the "Bishounen Spanking Inferno." O_o You could buy raffle tickets for this event. They would pick a raffle ticket and if yours matched, you went up to the stage. You got a prize, but you also got to spank the bishie that was holding your prize, if you wanted. XD (You could also just hug the bishie if you wanted to as well. Or get a proxy to do it for you.) So... yeah. People spanking people. Nice. XD And of course, there was more bishie fanservice involved as well. Hehehe. I didn't buy any tickets, but it was entertaining seeing people spanking pretty boys. XD

And that was pretty much it. I went and hung out with mykaa some more, and grabbed some food. Eventually, I went back to my room and read some of my delicious doujinshi that I bought. ^_^;; The next day was pretty uneventful, as I went home. ;_; It's so depressing when a con is over. *sigh* But, I'm definitely going to go next year! *nods* Even if I'm in Japan by then, I'm going to fly back over just for this con!! ^_^ I just wish that I had been to this con sooner. ;_; I've been meaning to go for YEARS. Urgh. I had so much fun and met so many people... it was just awesome. :D

Tags: cosplay, gyakuten saiban, yaoi-con

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