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Birthday wishes and 360 vs. PC. :3

First off...
Happy Birthday cannedebonbon and grawrold !!
I hope that you both have a fabulous birthday and get everything that you wanted. :3

Someone sent me an LJ-gift anonymously.  So, whoever that was, thank you!! <3  I have a feeling I might know who it is, but I might be wrong. XD

So, yesterday when I was playing L4D2 on the PC someone was sort of ragging on me (not really maliciously) about playing the game on the Xbox 360.  Stuff like, "Xbox sucks, you have to pay for DLC, PC is better" blah blah blah.  And just recently on the L4D2 360 board on GameFAQs the PC trolls seem to have come out.  This always happens when DLC comes out or is about to come out, the same crap happened when Crash Course for L4D1 came out.  *shrugs*  I freaking hate console wars, I think they're annoying and immature.  Can't people just play games on what they choose to play them on?

But anyway, I decided that since I've played both versions, I'd post an objective pros and cons to each console.  Just because I feel like it. :P  Keep in mind I have a gaming computer, so things run pretty damn smooth on this thing.
PC Version


-Graphics look better (Probably due to the camera being in closer and stuff)

-Tons of mods/community maps out there so when you get bored of the current campaigns and such you can mess around with those

-Game loading time is faster

-You can take screenshots at any time

-Sprays you can post on walls and such

-Garry's mod (Although you need to buy it/download it as well as at least another source program like Counter-Strike Source or Half-Life Source.)

-Free DLC and pretty consistent updates.  Updates tend to go through on the PC version before the 360 version.

-Playing with headphones and the game sounds literally in your ears helps you a lot more when preparing for that Special Infected attack.  It's kind of cool playing with like, surround-sound. XD  And no, I don't play with full captions.

-You can be a stalker and see exactly who your friends are playing with and where they are in the game when you click the "Game info" button. XD


-LAG.  Not only are you having to be concerned about other people's internet connections, but also what kind of computer people you're playing with are using comes into play as well, sometimes causing horrible lag even if your computer is totally up to specs.  I mean, there's the whole "teleporting" thing, sure.  That's a given.  But if someone's running the game on a not-so-great system and they don't have a great connection then they're just going to lag terribly and you can see it.  Plus, it's not conducive to great gameplay and teamwork when someone's lagging horribly.  I've noticed that this is a lot worse in Versus games, where sometimes you have to be concerned with who's hosting and such.  It gets kind of annoying really, when you just want to play, but you end up spending 10 minutes trying to figure out who'd be the best person to host the game. :/

-Using a keyboard and mouse to play.  I fucking SUCK with a keyboard and mouse.  I tried it, I epically failed.  Luckily, I have my trusty Xbox 360 controller hooked up to it. :3

-When joining a game, unless you use an Official Dedicated Server, you never know what kind of weird-ass modded server you may get onto. :/  I've joined servers where there's like, 4 of each survivor running around. XD  It can be amusing, but it gets old after a while.

-The voice chat is often louder than the game itself, which sucks because sometimes I miss out on my favorite lines due to it. :/  But I don't want to turn it down too much because I need to hear what other people are saying.

-There are no Private games. D:  Which granted, I'm not usually in a private game most of the time on XBL, but sometimes they're nice to have when you're doing stuff like achievement farming and such.  I think you can probably have private servers, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that.  I assume it'll cost money and such.  But I always feel mean when someone hops into a game when you were waiting for someone else to load up the game and you have to tell them to GTFO.

-Steam Achievements.  They're kind of lame.  It's not like they bump up a gamerscore or anything like that, they're just... there.  It pops up, and you're like, "Oh cool" and that's about it. ^_^;;  They don't even show up in your profile.  Just in the Control Panel. :/

-Steam randomly borking out and discontinuing your game. :/
XBox 360 Version


-You can game from the comfort of your couch.  (And I know, you can hook up PC's to your TV and such, but we've done that before and it's really kind of a hassle.)

-The fact that everyone has the same console, so lag isn't as huge of an issue.  Granted, some people do end up lagging out because of their internet connection, but it doesn't usually get in the way of the whole game.  Like, in the PC version, if the host ends up lagging out, often the whole server shuts down and everyone ends up going back to the lobby.  In the 360 version, a host gets automatically reassigned and the game goes on with no hitch.  Although sometimes things will get really fucked up and it'll send everyone back to the lobby, but that's usually a server issue.

-You usually don't have to be too wary of what server you get on in fear of mods and such.  But there are some modded Xboxes out there that will do some jacked up stuff.  I haven't run into any of those modded games on XBL yet.

-Private games as well as party chat.  It's cool that you can be in a party with people that aren't even playing the same game as you.

-Achievements that sort of mean something.  They have points attached to them in order to boost your gamerscore associated with your gamertag.  So it really does feel like an achievement when you get it.  I have 1000/1000 for L4D2 on the 360.  (Granted, the expert achievements... *whistles innocently*)  I probably won't really try to get the achievements on Steam.  If I happen to get them, cool.  If not, cool.

-Avatar awards.  I love that they have 4 different shirts that you can dress your Xbox Live avatar with for certain things that you've accomplished.  My favorite is the Ellis Bull Shifters shirt that you get for 10 Versus game wins. :3  AND I WILL NEVER TAKE IT OFF.

-Voice chat is separate from the gameplay sounds.  So you can hear both what's going on in the game through the TV and what your teammates are saying to you.  The 360 uses a headset that has an earphone on just one side, and a mic curves around to the other.  LOL, I used to make fun of my husband wearing his headset all the time, but I think I wear it more than he does now. XD

-Sometimes we get cool videos and stuff for L4D2 on the Xbox 360 dashboard.  Like right now for The Passing there's an interview that they did with Chet at some game conference. :3  Here's the video for you non-360 people:


-No free DLC.  Crash Course was 580 Microsoft Points I believe, and I think The Passing will be the same.  Although we do get free updates, like when there was the whole Survival Pack update for L4D1.  This doesn't really bother me, because I know that it's due to Microsoft and not VALVe.  VALVe wanted the DLC to be free, but since there's new achievements in them, they have to charge for it.

-No cool mods or community made maps

-No screenshots

-No sprays

-Graphics are not quite as good, but if you're playing on a high-def LCD TV, it's not really that noticeable.  The game and Ellis still looks gorgeous.

-You can't see who your friends are playing with unless their friends are friends of yours as well.  And even then, it's a lot of guessing, really.  But it's not necessary I guess. XD 

-Longer load time, especially when the game is first loading.  Good god, especially L4D1, that game takes forever to load.


But for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions, there's always going to be douchebags in the community. D:  I've run into them on both.  Which is why I tend to stay away from public matches.  Although sometimes I join them just for the LOLs.  Even if I get kicked right away because I'm a girl. XD

All right, I'll shut up now. :3
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