November 27th, 2009

Ellis Grenade Launcher

Graaaaaaaah, must resist... must resist... ah hell.

So. A lot of you know that I've really, really, REALLY gotten into Left 4 Dead lately. Which is fucking CRAZY because FPS? I normally run the other way from FPS games. D: I've always been more of an RPG and puzzle game type of person. Until Left 4 Dead came along. The first Left 4 Dead has been out since December of last year, but I recently got into playing it like, a couple of months ago. I fucking SUCKED at it at first, but with some practice and somewhat better aiming, I'm not bad. Not awesome, but not bad. Sometimes I hop into games where people suck even more than me, and I'm like, "Holy shit!" For those who might not know, Left 4 Dead is pretty much a zombie-shooting game. The objective is to get from point A to point B, but without the help of your team, you'll most likely die. Hence the title, "Left 4 Dead." Check out the L4D web page for more info if you like. ^_^

At first, I was just content to watch my husband play it, and honestly, it kind of scared me a little bit. ^_^;; Zombies that jump out of nowhere and pin you to the ground, clawing at you? EEP. (Of course now, I think the Hunter is kind of hot. LOL.) Eventually though, I got up enough nerve to pick up a controller and play the damn game. The first time through all the campaigns scared the HELL out of me, and I would often go to bed shaking. Haha. (Yeah, I'm a fucking wuss, STFU. XD) I only played with my husband at first, but eventually I wandered into the wasteland that's Xbox Live. XD (I'm exaggerating, really. I've met a lot of cool people on XBL. But there's a lot of idiots on there too.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the first game, love the survivors and all that jazz. But just recently, the second game has come out. Left 4 Dead 2. And now... holy shit my slash senses are freaking tingling like crazy. D: I promised myself that I wouldn't become one of those fangirls who ships people just because they look good together but... hot DAMN do I ship Ellis/Nick like crazy. D: At first I thought it was just a cute thing, like "Awww, Ellis/Nick would make a cute couple." But that all went to hell when I was playing (as Ellis of course, I fucking ADORE him) and I was hurting, most likely in the red. Nick comes over to heal me and he said something like, "Let Dr. Nick make you all better" or something along those lines. My jaw dropped and the first thing out of my mouth is "Dr. Nick? That sounded kinky!" The thing is, when Valve programs the conversations between the characters, when they heal certain characters and stuff, a lot of the conversations are specific to just those characters. So... Valve programmed it for Nick to call himself Dr. Nick when he heals Ellis? :O VALVE, WHY DO YOU DO THIS? Of course, they HAVE to know how much Team Fortress 2 slash is out there, so maybe they're trying to cater to fangirls once again? (TF2 slash still confuses the hell out of me, BTW.)

So anyway, to make a long story short, I now want to write Ellis/Nick fic. Actually, it'd be more like Nick/Ellis fic, because he definitely tops. I've already even thought out a scenario and stuff. D: Uwaaaah. I'm not supposed to have two OTP's, damnit! Phoenix/Edgeworth, I have forsaken you!! D: There's a Nick/Ellis club on y!Gallery which I've joined, and I'm already enjoying Nick/Ellis porn. D:

Anyway, here's a pic of the survivors for you, so that you can appreciate the hotness. XD From left to right, it's Ellis, Coach, Rochelle and Nick.

And here's a pic of Ellis. Damn, I would hit that in a heartbeat. <3