January 23rd, 2010


So booooooooooored. AND RAGE. XD

Ugh, I'm so freaking bored right now. I've been trying to work on my Nick/Ellis fanfic, but it's like pulling teeth. D: I could turn on the 360 to play some L4D2, but I don't really feel like it right now. There's nothing on TV, the internet is actually sort of boring, and ARRRRGH. Normally my LJ friendslist moves somewhat during the day, but it's been like a snail today. D:

Maybe I need to start getting more hours at work. Haha. PSYCHE.

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I've been playing 1 vs. 100 on XBox Live a lot, and I went to the web page to look at what kind of trivia they were having tonight. (Nothing special, unfortunately.) They have a "Host Bios" page, so out of curiosity I clicked on it. Just to learn more about that douche Chris Cashman I suppose. XD Turns out that the blonde-haired host whore, her voice is done by the same chick who voices Zoey in L4D and Cortana from Halo. Her name's Jen Taylor. Interesting. :3