January 31st, 2010

Nick Ellis Bros

It snowed here!!

...and now it's melting. XD Snow's pretty much unheard of here in North Carolina, but we got some Friday night. It stuck around Saturday, but it's all nice and sunny today, so it's totally melting. Which is good because I didn't move down South for it to snow down here. :/ There's a reason why I don't live in Canada or upstate New York anymore. Haha.

Hello to my new LJ friends that I recently got. :D *huggles you all* I'll probably make an intro post or something eventually. Or I'll just dig back into my journal for the last one I made. XD

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Oh, and there's been Versus games going on all weekend, I've been playing with these guys from GameFAQs. The lobbies kind of fill up fast even though they're friends-only games. There should be more going on tonight, although I'm not exactly sure what time. Maybe about 6pm EST or so? Don't be afraid to hop into a game if there's room. :3 And for those of you who don't have it, my Xbox Live Gamertag is the same as my LJ name, nekocrouton. ADD ME. XD