March 16th, 2010

Nick Kill Pilot


Although I wish my stupid-ass neighbor would quit letting her boyfriend stay over here. HE DOESN'T LIVE HERE AND HIS ANNOYING BIG-ASS VEHICLE IN OUR DRIVEWAY JUST IRRITATES THE SHIT OUT OF ME.


Besides that, I'm glad to be home. <3 I did have a hell of a time trying to get my computer started up again, Jesus Christ. I'm not turning this thing off until I have to send it back to Dell. Somehow my laptop managed to get this stupid rogue virus thing that pretends to be a legit Windows program for anti-virus, but it's really just a scam to get you to buy the shitty software that may or may not work. It's a pain in the ass to get rid of it, but that's what I'm doing right now. Lovely. I think I picked it up from Deviantart, which is yet another reason to keep me away from there. :/

I realized in New York even more that I do not want to have any children. Ever. They're gross and germy and just UGH. My husband's sister has 4 of them (well, they are my nieces and nephews too, haha) and she would sometimes plop the baby into my lap unexpectedly, expecting me to entertain it and shit. D: I DON'T DO KIDS. I know that yeah, everyone was a kid once, but that still doesn't do anything for me. :P The older kids are fun to talk to and play with, but still... D: NO KIDS THANKS.

Some more things that reminded me of L4D when I was away:

I saw a commercial on TV for Ellis law firm or something like that. Lawyer!Ellis would just be funny. XD I mean, he's not that smart (he's not stupid either, but you know) so Ellis going to law school would just be quite a stretch. XD Although he'd look hot in a suit. :3

When I was walking through the airport in Washington, DC (Dulles) I saw that they had some defibrillators in a case on the wall. Every time I saw one, Ellis or Nick's voice would pop into my mind saying things like:

"Chest paddles here"

"Got a Defib Unit here!"


Edit: Something that was entertaining to me... squinting at my iPhone to read porny fic updates on Livejournal. 8D I LOVE MY IPHONE. I CAN READ PORN AT ANY TIME, ANY PLACE. XD

All right... can it be Xbox Live times now? XD Or Steam, whoever wants to play with me? XD
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