March 23rd, 2010

Back Humpers

New Computer... HUGE SUCCESS. 8D

I finally got off my lazy ass and unpacked my new computer v2.0 today. I have 3 days off from work so I figured that I'd better do something productive with it. Plus, Dell/Alienware wants me to send back the old computer within 10 days otherwise they'll have a shit fit or something. XD


Upon closer inspection though, I can see now on the old, fucked up computer that there's an issue with the power button. Which I had suspected from the start. It's sort of constantly pressed in, whereas the other one is not so much. Oh well. Not my fault that Dell fucked up over a faulty power button. *shrugs* I had a feeling it had something to do with the case.

Now to spend my afternoon transferring shit from my fucked up computer to the good one. D: And uninstalling EVERYTHING from the bad computer before I send it back to Dell. At least I didn't have too much stuff on this thing. I made sure to lay off on installing other programs and such once I knew that there was a problem.

Ugh. I also have to work on doing some Continuing Education for my Pharmacy Technician certification. I need 18 hours of CE and it's due by next week. D: Why do I procrastinate so?

And just for the LOLs...

The bad one is on the left, and the good one is on the right. :3 Shitty iPhone picture is shitty.
Nick Makin' It Look Easy

Could "The Passing" be released this Friday? :O

I just found this on the Steam forums of all places.

Granted, it doesn't say exactly what's going on with L4D2 this Friday but... could it be? Plus there's apparently a big sale on L4D2 on Steam that ends this Thursday.

Collapse )


And to make things worse, I have to work Friday. Well FML.

The only good thing that's come out of today so far is that Dell/Alienware put a sound card in my PC that I didn't ask for. :3
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