March 28th, 2010

Nick Ellis Shut Up Contest

Birthday wishes and 360 vs. PC. :3

First off...
Happy Birthday cannedebonbon and grawrold !!
I hope that you both have a fabulous birthday and get everything that you wanted. :3

Someone sent me an LJ-gift anonymously.  So, whoever that was, thank you!! <3  I have a feeling I might know who it is, but I might be wrong. XD

So, yesterday when I was playing L4D2 on the PC someone was sort of ragging on me (not really maliciously) about playing the game on the Xbox 360.  Stuff like, "Xbox sucks, you have to pay for DLC, PC is better" blah blah blah.  And just recently on the L4D2 360 board on GameFAQs the PC trolls seem to have come out.  This always happens when DLC comes out or is about to come out, the same crap happened when Crash Course for L4D1 came out.  *shrugs*  I freaking hate console wars, I think they're annoying and immature.  Can't people just play games on what they choose to play them on?

But anyway, I decided that since I've played both versions, I'd post an objective pros and cons to each console.  Just because I feel like it. :P  Keep in mind I have a gaming computer, so things run pretty damn smooth on this thing.
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But for both the PC and Xbox 360 versions, there's always going to be douchebags in the community. D:  I've run into them on both.  Which is why I tend to stay away from public matches.  Although sometimes I join them just for the LOLs.  Even if I get kicked right away because I'm a girl. XD

All right, I'll shut up now. :3