June 27th, 2010

Ellis Jimmy Gibbs Fanboy

For those of you haven't seen it...

I bring you the Jimmy Gibbs Jr. Zombie. 8D

I was playing L4D2 on the PC yesterday with some new buddies, and we were running through Dead Center. We had to restart the fourth part, and we were looking through the bathrooms for stuff, when someone yelled out, "Hey, it's Jimmy Gibbs Jr!!" I ran over as fast as I could, because I was like, "OMG I WANT A SCREENSHOT." And I got it. :3 It was funnier when I was Ellis that one time and he was going to rape me in the bathroom, but whatever. XD I managed to get a pretty good screenshot of him before he got killed.

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Yayyyyyy~ :3 Now I just need to get a screenshot of STD!Nick in the Chainsaw Massacre Mutation. XD