July 14th, 2011

Nick Saves Ellis

30 Day Fanfic Meme - Day 9

30 Days Fanfiction Meme

9 – Pairings – For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favorite pairings to write?

Ah, pairings. One of my favorite things to talk and write about. *rubs hands together in enthusiasm*

Xenosaga - Honestly, there wasn't a set pairing that I preferred to write for when I wrote my (crappy) fic for Xenosaga. I adored Allen Ridgeley (and still do!) so I would pair him with everyone. Shion, Jr, Assistant Scott, pretty much anyone. Although in the Xenosaga anime, Allen and Assistant Scott were just adorable. But I wrote stuff with other pairings as well that didn't involve Allen. Back then, I would just ship everyone really. XD I also liked Gaignun and Jr. together as well, I even have some doujinshi of that pairing somewhere in this mess of anime/videogame/fandom stuff that resides in my house.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Phoenix/Edgeworth. Period. My first OTP, and that's when I began to understand what having an OTP really meant. Although I did prefer to write Edgeworth as seme, so I guess it was more like Edgeworth/Phoenix? XD I dunno why, I just had it in my head that Edgeworth topped. I think it's because in the games he's so forceful and commanding, and Phoenix is more easily flustered and absentminded. It's funny though, because the majority of P/E fans seem to prefer Phoenix topping, so I think people liked my fic just because most of it was Edgeworth topping and something different than what was available in the fandom. XD Even though I've kind of fallen out of the AA fandom, I still adore Edgeworth and Phoenix together, and I probably always will. There's some other pairings that I find cute, but I never really tried to go outside of my comfort zone when it came to writing.

Left 4 Dead 2 - Nick/Ellis. Once again, period. XD My current OTP that I adore. <3 Nick primarily tops just because well, he's older, and he's so MANRY. Despite his whiny screams. XD But it's nice to switch it up and have Ellis top sometimes as well. :3 I do love their dynamic in the game though, VALVe always manages to put in lines that make you squee. >w< When I first started playing the game (when the demo came out) I saw them and I was just like, "Oh man, they're going to be slash bait." And then when I first played the game when it was actually released, the first campaign, Dead Center, and Dr. Nick was going to fix me (Ellis) up... Well, I officially started shipping them even though I was determined not to. Oops. XD I don't mind some other pairings, but once again, no going out of my comfort zone here when it comes to writing. XD

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