July 23rd, 2011

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30 Day Fanfic Meme - Day 18

30 Days Fanfiction Meme

18 – Where do you get the most inspiration for your fics (aka "bunnies") from?

I don't have a specific thing per se that bunnies me really. XD Inspiration for me comes from many different places. But usually I'll just get an idea or someone will suggest something and I'll just be like, "Fuck, I've got to write that!"

When I was writing for the Phoenix Wright fandom, often I would get most of my inspiration from the kink meme. I wrote many a fic for that thing. There were so many awesome prompts.

But nowadays I might knock a few ideas around with someone and the idea gets more and more appealing to me to write, or something just strikes me from who knows where, beckoning me to write it. Of course, I have to be pretty inspired nowadays to write anything. >_>

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