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Oh Jesus Christ, what have I done? D: Sort of cracky fic is sort of cracky.

A lot of you know that I've sort of been struggling with writer's block as of late, so HEY I FINALLY WROTE SOMETHING. This idea happened to pop into my mind one day as I was walking down the stairs of our parking deck at my workplace and refused to leave my mind. D: OMG IT'S NOT PORN, WHAT? THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME.

Game: L4D2
Characters/Pairing: Nick/Ellis
Rating: I dunno, PG I guess?
Summary: Nick finds a string of those Mardi Gras beads and you can imagine what goes on from there.
Word Count: 632
Warnings: Um, the mention of the word "tits" and the killing of infected I suppose.
A/N: I literally wrote this in like, a total of maybe an hour or less and it was supposed to be pure crack but it didn't turn out that way?

The group of four stepped off of the boat, taking unsteady steps onto the pier, finally reaching the city that they had so desperately been trying to get to. New Orleans. There was no solid promise of rescue there, but there was a chance. A chance that they were all willing to gamble on, the winnings being the safety of their own lives that they had been struggling to protect for the past few weeks.

Nick smiled as he took in the familiar sights of the city, having been there a few times before to try his luck at the poker tables on the riverboats that floated lazily up and down the river. One of the said riverboats was capsized nearby, its stern sticking up out of the water ominously. He knew that what he was about to encounter this time around wasn’t going to be nearly as pleasant as the past memories he had of the city.

The four of them started up the ramp slowly with their guns out, not really sure where exactly to go from there. A tattered map hanging off of a telephone pole gave them their only clue to which direction they possibly needed to head in. Seeing a doorway up ahead, the group decided to try following the path that had been laid out before them.

As they walked through the door, killing off the few scattered infected that were hanging around, a glint of something sparkling on the ground caught the corner of Nick’s eye. He bent down to examine it more closely, hoping that maybe it was something of value that he could pocket and sell off later once the infection had subsided. Granted he survived, that is. He picked it up and was unimpressed to find that it was only a string of those cheap plastic beads that women would take their shirts off for, in hopes of getting one to drape around their necks. Mardi Gras had happened just shortly before the infection hit, so he wasn’t surprised to see it lying around. He would probably run across many more of them before their journey was over.

Nick was about to chuck the plastic silver necklace over his shoulder and move on, when he spotted Ellis in front of him. And then an idea crept into his brain. He always loved to antagonize or tease the mechanic every chance he could get, and this gave him the opportunity to do so.

“Hey Overalls,” Nick called out, motioning for the younger man to come closer to him.

“What do ya want, Nick?” Ellis asked as he walked towards the conman, shooting at a stray infected off to the side.

Nick held the string of beads in front of Ellis’ face and with the most lecherous look that he could muster, he said, “Show me your tits.”

Ellis just stared at the older man for a moment, his mouth gaping, not sure how to respond. But then a grin spread wide across his face as he pulled his shirt up to expose his flawless abs and chest. “Now gimme the necklace,” the mechanic demanded, as he stuck his tongue out at Nick.

The conman just laughed as he draped the beads around Ellis’ neck, letting his gaze linger a little longer upon the mechanic’s perfect muscles. “You’re something else kid, you know that?”

Ellis just smiled as he yanked his shirt back down, the necklace now gleaming brilliantly in the sunlight. “Yeah, I know. Now, let’s get a move on, we got a bridge to get to and not much time to do it.”

Nick shook his head, still smiling in disbelief, as he followed Ellis back towards the rest of the group, ready to face whatever they might come across head on.

Tags: fanfic, nick/ellis, omglol, writing

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