nekocrouton (nekocrouton) wrote,

Archive Of Our Own and invites

I've already posted this on my Tumblr, but I thought I'd throw it out here as well.

So, apparently there's been some stuff going down over at where fics are getting deleted and such. Now, it's for legit reasons, such as violating their TOS and stuff, but I guess people are a bit butthurt about it because their fics are getting taken down with no warning. I've never been a fan of so it's amusing to me, but I can see the frustration.

Anyway, there's a place called Archive Of Our Own where you can post fanworks, and pretty much anything goes as long as you mark it with the correct warnings. But, it's in Beta right now, so the only way to sign up for it is to either sign up for the waiting list for an invite, or have someone else send an invite your way.

I have some extra invites if anyone wants one. You don't have to be a member to read fic there, but I think some fics may be 'member only locked' and such. And of course you need to be a member to post fic. So, if anyone's interested in an invite, just send me a message or comment with your email address and I'll send one your way. :3
Tags: ao3, invites

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