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So, I was bored and I went ahead and installed L4D2 on my hubby's computer. Just to see what playing it on the PC is like, before I get my new, awesome, purple Alienware. 8D


I decided to start with Dead Center, since well, it's the first campaign. When I first started, I was messing around with the controls and such, and I'm like, "W is to walk... S makes you go backwards, E is to open doors and pick up stuff WTF? THIS SHIT MAKES NO SENSE." The easiest part for me is to shoot and shove, since those are done with the two mouse keys. XD It's so confusing for me though, having to use the mouse to maneuver around... WHICH I AM NOT GOOD AT. You don't know how many times I ended up just going in a circle. Poor Ellis, I'm surprised I didn't make him puke from getting dizzy. @_@

I managed to get through the first part of Dead Center, although I couldn't figure out how to use PEELZ or first aid and shit. Luckily the bots would heal me. XD I eventually looked it up and it's the FUCKING NUMBER KEYS. I'm like, "WTF?" Good grief. I felt bad though, just before we got into the elevator, apparently Nick had a run-in with a Charger and got insta-killed. ^_^;; R.I.P. Nick. LOL.

I get to the second part. I'm cruising along, and I end up picking up one of those shitty shotguns because I'm running out of ammo in my silenced SMG. I see a Witch. 8D I try to Cr0wn the Witch... Cr0wn FAIL. LOL. Oops. Then I get to that part where you have to jump down on the bus-thingy to get to the street. I get over there and I hear Tank music. What do I do? I jump down and say hi to Mr. Tank. LOL. Needless to say, I get incapped because he's beating the shit out of my back. BECAUSE I WAS HAVING TROUBLE TURNING AROUND. I didn't die there, though. Oh no. I eventually get to the part where you have to get the Cola, and I'm trying to bring it over to Whitaker. Who's masturbating all day in his little closet that he's holed up in. Somehow Coach is being constricted by a Smoker, and I keep going. THE STUPID AI NICK AND ROCHELLE DECIDE THAT THEY BOTH NEED TO BE THERE FOR HIM AND FAIL TO SAVE HIS ASS ANYWAY. So then I get swarmed by zombies and die a sad death, cola bottles in my limp, lifeless hands. And then I ragequit. LOL.

We have a USB Xbox 360 controller, I tried plugging it in and playing with that but it wasn't recognizing it for some reason. I'm just going to have to ask my hubby to see if he can figure out how I can play with that instead. ^_^;; I probably have to do something in the Options, but I have no idea what. I mean, I'll try playing it with the keyboard again, but it's HARD. D:

Things I've noticed about the PC version vs. the Xbox 360 version:

1) The graphics are noticeably crisper and a little bit better. It feels more "Valve-ish" if that makes sense at all.

2) Aiming with the mouse IS a LOT more accurate. I felt like I was pretty much hitting everything with my bullets. I was still having trouble landing some melee hits, though.

3) I like the way the M-16/Assault Rifle sounds in the PC version. :3 It's like... different.

4) The AI is STILL fucking retarded. There was a part where I was getting ridden by the Jockey and Nick's right next to me, NOT DOING A FUCKING THING. Oh, and the best moment was probably at the end of Dead Center 1 where we're almost in the Safe Room. There's a Smoker just sort of hanging out, and he goes into the safe room. Coach is in the safe room. IT TAKES HIM FOREVER BEFORE HE KILLS IT. I swear, they were having a rad bromance in there before Coach decides to kill him off. Smoker/Coach anyone? 8D IT'S OBVIOUSLY CANON.

I'll probably try playing the PC version again soon, but I think tonight I'm going to stick to my beloved Xbox 360 version. *hugs 360*
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