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So booooooooooored. AND RAGE. XD

Ugh, I'm so freaking bored right now. I've been trying to work on my Nick/Ellis fanfic, but it's like pulling teeth. D: I could turn on the 360 to play some L4D2, but I don't really feel like it right now. There's nothing on TV, the internet is actually sort of boring, and ARRRRGH. Normally my LJ friendslist moves somewhat during the day, but it's been like a snail today. D:

Maybe I need to start getting more hours at work. Haha. PSYCHE.

I played L4D2 on the PC again today, trying to get through Dark Carnival. MY FAVORITE CAMPAIGN. <3 Since I'm a wuss and I'm afraid to play on Steam, I just went ahead and started up a single-player campaign with the EVER SO AWESOME AI. Ugh. I guess I could try and play on Steam, but I don't want to give my husband's account a bad rep or anything like that. ^_^;; Oh, and thanks to everyone's tips and such, I now have an Xbox 360 controller plugged into the PC that works like a charm. :3

I breezed through the first 2 levels, no problem. Witches, Tanks, horde, piece of cake. The third level with the rollercoaster was a little tricky, though. Mostly because of the fabulous AI. I was cruising along on the rollercoaster, and halfway through a Hunter pounces me. As sexy as it is to have a Hunter on Ellis, I got incapped. D: STUPID AI NOT SAVING ME FAST ENOUGH. Somehow by this point, I was in black and white, and I was smacking Nick around trying to get him to heal me. HEAL YOUR MAN, DAMN IT. Finally he did, and I kept on going on my merry way. I get through the tunnel and I'm about to go down the hill to where you turn off the rollercoaster when Mr. Smoker grabs me. And drags me off the tracks. D: The AI finally saved me, but I had to get back ON the tracks and go around and through the tunnel AGAIN. By now I was in yellow and going a little slower. Ugh. One thing that made me laugh when I was going through the tunnel was that Ellis said "Chicka-chicka-chicka-chicka" like making little train noises as he was on the tracks. IT WAS SO FUCKING CUTE. I was grinning like a madwoman. :D Eventually I get to the booth to turn off the ride without getting raped too badly by infected. Somehow one of the AI found a medkit and healed me, and we made our merry way to the safe room.

The fourth level. FUCKING A. I hate the Barns sometimes, I really do. Just for that crescendo at the end. D: URGGH. I went through it about 3 times, epically failing at the end for some stupid reason or another. One of the times I was pounced by a Hunter and the AI didn't do shit about it. Or I'd just get swarmed and run out of ammo or some shit. I think one of the times the AI got boomed and couldn't see me, so I was left there to die. URGH. Finally, on the fourth time, I managed to get through and I was like, "All right! Safe room's ahead, I FINALLY fucking did it." Until I see the FUCKING TANK IN THE SAFE ROOM. WTF? WHAT THE FUCK? FUCK YOU AI DIRECTOR, FUCK YOU. Needless to say, it didn't end well. I got incapped by Mr. Tank, and I was hoping that the AI would take it out so that I could get pulled back up and everything would be unicorns and rainbows. Nope, the Tank decides to take his 'roid rage out on me and kill me. D: So then I ragequit. XD *sigh* I really need to play with actual human people on the PC I think.

I've been playing 1 vs. 100 on XBox Live a lot, and I went to the web page to look at what kind of trivia they were having tonight. (Nothing special, unfortunately.) They have a "Host Bios" page, so out of curiosity I clicked on it. Just to learn more about that douche Chris Cashman I suppose. XD Turns out that the blonde-haired host whore, her voice is done by the same chick who voices Zoey in L4D and Cortana from Halo. Her name's Jen Taylor. Interesting. :3
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