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I don't ever shut up about this game. XD But this is AMAZING.

I found this on GameFAQs today:

FUCKING AMAZING. 8 vs. 8 VERSUS? HOLEEEE SHIT. I need to get in on this action. 8D I LOLed at the two Coaches, two Ellises (is that even right? Ellises? O_o) and two Nicks. XD Two Rochelles... well, I can do without that. XD

Apparently it's a mod on the PC. I have the PC version. 8D But wow, I was just fucking AMAZED. And all the zombies. Wow. O_O

And this video was just fucking hilarious. Beware high pitched screaming. XD

Watch live video from PWN Of The Dead on

So yeah, don't try to hide in the little bus/car/trailer thing on the second level of the Parish from the Tank. HE WILL GET YOU AND BEAT YOUR ASS.

I managed to get through Dark Carnival on the PC yesterday without too much fail. I only had to restart once and that was near the beginning. Because I decided that I was going to do something stupid. XD I was at the part with the Motel and there was a Witch near the first part of it, under the carportish garage thing near the bus. No sweat, I get around it and move on, everything's great. I get over to the other side of the Motel and the Witch is still there being all emo and BAWWWWing and such. I decide to startle her from across the pool, since somehow my SMG bullets can reach her. She's shrieking, running around, and I'm not sure where she's going to be coming from. So, I jump down from the stairs into the bushes at the back of the hotel to wait for her and... OH HI THERE TANK. So yeaaaaaah, with the combination of the Witch trying to gouge my heart out, the STELLAR AI and the Tank, I was pretty much dead. :3 It was kind of worth it, though. XD

I pretty much breezed through the campaign this time, and managed to live throughout the whole thing. I had a couple nice Nick/Ellis moments too. :3 Like, every time I had a bot nearby, it was usually Nick. (I was Ellis, naturally.) On the part with the Roller Coaster (where I nearly got raped thanks to the fabulous AI skills) I was gimping my way back to the safe room. Apparently Nick was following me while Coach and Rochelle were WAY the fuck behind. I get into the safe room, close the door, turn around, and hey, Nick's there. So it was just me and Nick in the safe room together. Awwwwwwwwwww. <3 I was like, "Hey baby, wanna screw while we wait?" XD I was expecting him to go out and help Coach and Rochelle, but no, he was content to hang out with me in there. :3 It was cute. <3

In the Barns, I didn't get raped nearly as bad as those other times I played it. I managed to get to the saferoom, even though the AI threw 3 FUCKING HUNTERS IN A ROW at me. I was in there with Nick again, but then he decided to go out and save Coach and Rochelle's sorry asses. I was just like, "I'm not going out to save any bot's asses." Haha. Surprisingly, they all came back alive, although barely.

The finale went off pretty well, nothing special, and the helicopter shows up. NEAR THE THIRD TANK. D: I pop an adrenaline and manage to hop into the chopper without much trouble, although I think the Tank threw a rock at me. So I'm hanging out there, shooting at the Tank, waiting for the AI to jump in before the Tank gets a chance to chuck another rock at me and incap me. D: Somehow Coach and Rochelle go down, Nick takes out the Tank like it's nothing and hops into the helicopter with me. And we fly off into the sunset. While screwing like bunnies in the back of the choppa. DON'T TELL ME IT'S NOT CANON VALVE.
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