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It snowed here!!

...and now it's melting. XD Snow's pretty much unheard of here in North Carolina, but we got some Friday night. It stuck around Saturday, but it's all nice and sunny today, so it's totally melting. Which is good because I didn't move down South for it to snow down here. :/ There's a reason why I don't live in Canada or upstate New York anymore. Haha.

Hello to my new LJ friends that I recently got. :D *huggles you all* I'll probably make an intro post or something eventually. Or I'll just dig back into my journal for the last one I made. XD

So, I finally finished going through the L4D2 campaigns on the PC version. Not without some trouble here and there, though. (Dark Carnival and The Parish finale, I'm looking at you!) It was fun to run through them, but it really is sort of boring when you're not playing with other people. :/ I feel bad for people who buy this game and don't have XBox Live or anything like that. I can see why they'd think it's a boring game. Of course, it's sort of silly to get it and not have Xbox Live. But anyway.

Swamp Fever: Not too much trouble here. Although I noticed on the PC version that the environments seemed a lot... darker. So it made it a little more scary for me. ^_^;; I swear I nearly jumped out of my seat when a Smoker sort of popped out in front of me when I opened a door in one of the shacks. D: I died once in the first board, at the crescendo, due to a nice insta-death from the Charger charging me into the river. :/ Got through the second and third boards fine, and then the finale. Ah AI, how I love to hate you. The first time I tried it, everything was going fine until after the first Tank. Coach and Nick decided they needed to go into the plantation house for some reason. Coach somehow gets caught by a Smoker, and before I know it, Nick and Coach are dead. D: So, it's just me (as Ellis) and Rochelle. We manage to somehow make it through the rest of the finale and even take out the two Tanks at the end (with help from my Molotov and me running around the hedges) but Rochelle ends up incapped and I'm at 4 health. I'm just waiting at the gate for it to blow open, and I figure I can do this. Until that Jockey hops on my head out of nowhere. D: The second time I attempt it, everything went surprisingly smoothly, and I even made it on the boat with all of the AI in tact. :D

Hard Rain: For those of you who don't know... I FREAKING HATE HARD RAIN. (I know a lot of you are going to hate me for this. XD) First of all, the storm terrifies the hell out of me. And normally I'm not scared of storms, I mean, we get enough of them here. But when it gets to where you can barely see, the lightning is streaking across the sky, I can't hear the SI cues and a horde is running up to your face... yeah, it's scary. Plus, I feel like Valve sort of cheaped out on this campaign in some ways. >_> The whole concept of having to conserve items on your way there and back is neat I guess but... I dunno, I guess I expected more than what they hyped it up to be? Plus, I hate Hard Rain for Versus because of all the open areas, it makes it hard for the SI to spawn when you're playing as Infected. (I dislike Swamp Fever for the same reason.) Anyway, I get through the first part easily, but the second part through the actual sugar mill? Not so easily. D: I didn't die, but I was damn close to it. I was pretty good at avoiding the Witches until I got into the mill building itself, and the AI Director decides to spawn one near the elevator. I started the crescendo, hoping to just avoid her as we fight, but of course the Spitter decides to fuck that up for me. D: I hop out of the pool of acid... right into the Witch. Ugh. Luckily the AI didn't leave me to die there. Once that's over, we go down the elevator into the sugar cane field. I'm running along the pipe, everything's fine, and then somehow... I run into another Witch. D: The AI kills her off, along with me shooting my pistol at her, and somehow I don't realize that she's dead. I see another Witch near me as I'm incapped and shoot at her... realizing that I just startled a different Witch. Oh shit. In the meantime, Nick has somehow died, Coach is incapped and Rochelle is the only one standing up. I'm blasting the hell out of the Witch with my pistol and she miraculously dies. But by now I'm like at 42 health and bleeding out fast. Rochelle is trying to pick Coach up, and I'm awaiting my impending doom because the stupid AI won't prioritize human players over AI. >_< Just in the nick of time though, Rochelle abandons Coach and miraculously picks me up. I limp my way through the remainder of the field, avoid another Witch, and somehow make it to the Safe Room. *phew* The rest of the campaign went fine, besides the absolutely terrifying storm. Seriously, it was much scarier to me on PC, but maybe that's also because the screen is pretty much right in my face. ^_^;;

The Parish: Surprisingly, most everything went fairly well here. I was expecting trouble mostly at the crescendo on the 4th level, but I managed to survive just fine. I did accidentally set off a car alarm in the 3rd level car impound lot, but managed to get through it somehow. The finale though... Ugh. I had to restart it like 3 times. My intention was just to blast through the bridge and not worry about the AI. The first time, I got to the part where you're at the bus about to jump down to the ramp to get to the helicopter. A Charger charges me off the bridge and insta-kills me. D: The second time, I got to where the Tank spawns, and the bridge was rumbling but I didn't know where the Tank was. I didn't dare go any further, so I stand there and wait... and the Tank pretty much jumps down on top of me, smacks me off the bridge, and I die... again. The third time, I actually freaking MADE IT TO THE HELICOPTER, but I was waiting on Coach to get there. So, I'm waiting around, decide to heal myself, la-dee-dah... I look up... OH HI CHARGER. Yeah, the Charger gets me IN the helicopter and Coach couldn't get there in time. :( I finally make it through the fourth time, although the AI wasn't so lucky. :/

Oh, and there's been Versus games going on all weekend, I've been playing with these guys from GameFAQs. The lobbies kind of fill up fast even though they're friends-only games. There should be more going on tonight, although I'm not exactly sure what time. Maybe about 6pm EST or so? Don't be afraid to hop into a game if there's room. :3 And for those of you who don't have it, my Xbox Live Gamertag is the same as my LJ name, nekocrouton. ADD ME. XD
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