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I fucking love Facebook sometimes. XD (MORE L4D2 FAGGOTRY AHEAD)

So I'm cruising around Facebook, and I've made sure to become a fan of things like "Nick (L4D2)" and becoming friends with all of the Nick and Ellises (LOL, I'm still not sure if that's the proper plural for his name) that I run across. Not last night, but the night before, I somehow become part of this absolutely EPIC comment thread on the page of "Nick (L4D2)." Somehow this one Ellis decides that he needs to start pestering Nick for a hug. And then he wants a kiss. Unfortunately, the Nick isn't into that and tries to get Ellis to back off. Whoever the Ellis is, starts posting cute chibi drawings of sadface!Ellis whenever Nick turns down his advances. Then the Ellis starts saying stuff like, "What if I wore a dress and makeup?" Cue a picture of a chibi Ellis in drag. (Ellis in drag? Sort of do want. XD) Then the conversation goes on to Ellis asking Nick to jump into a jacuzzi with him. (OH FUCK I WANT TO WRITE A FIC ABOUT THAT. LOL.) I think by now the Nick is getting thoroughly creeped out, but whatever, it's hilarious. Somehow it also goes to Ellis giving Nick a striptease (HELL YES DO WANT) and Nick saying that he'd be the better stripper out of the two of them. (FUCK, I'LL TAKE THIS TOO.) There's this other girl who's involved in the conversation, who's trying to "protect" Nick from Ellis, which is sort of hilarious, and Nick keeps telling me to hug Ellis to get him off of his back. XD (I WOULD NOT OBJECT TO THIS.) I end up making friends with the Nick!protector and the girl who's behind the Ellis profile. :3 Who are both Nick/Ellis shippers. One of them even has Xbox Live, so I've added her to my friendslist there as well. Ahh, Facebook and Nick/Ellis bringing people together. :3 If I could post direct quotes from the thread, I would, but somehow Facebook is eating them all. D: *sighs* The last good one I see is: Nick (L4D2) Anna, YOU hug him. He's seriously creepy. Creepier than that little peanut man.


So I played some Versus last night with a guy on my XBL friendslist who's pretty cool. I ended up playing with him, his friend (who I think is sort of new to the game and Versus in general) and some random girl on our team, who seemed to be sort of new as well. We played against a team of randoms on Dark Carnival and sort of got our asses handed to us. >_< Ah well. My friend and I are pretty good, but 2 good people can't save the whole team. ^_^;; I mean, at times his friend was like just standing in a pool of Spitter acid letting it deplete his health. D: *sighs* I was yelling in my mic, "GET OUT OF THE ACID." Oh well. After the night before's matches where I was on the winning team 3 times and dealt out some Special Infected rape, it was all good I guess. :3 Can't win them all!!

One part that I was particularly proud of was on The Parish. It was The Parish 3, the part where you jump down from the porch onto a bus to the ground, you go around a shack/garage thing, and there's a trailer there that usually has a magnum and some other stuff in it. There was a Witch wandering around, two of my teammates were outside the trailer, and I was in the trailer with someone else. The Witch decides she's going to pay us a visit IN the trailer. I was just like, HOLD ON GUYS, LET ME TAKE CARE OF THIS. I had the auto-shotty with me because I knew that there was going to be a Witch eventually. I flick off my flashlight, step up to the Witch and *BAMBAM*. Bullets to the face, the Witch is dead, not a threat anymore. Two of my teammates were like, "Wow" and kind of in awe. If I could have, I would have totally blown some smoke off of the end of my gun all cool-like. XD I know that Cr0wning Witches isn't that big of a deal, but when I used to fail SO MISERABLY at it to now being like, "Witch? What Witch?" it's pretty awesome. ;D
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